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Center The Walking Belt

If you have noticed that your walking belt has shifted to one side or is about to start rubbing against the side of your exercise equipment, it just needs to be adjusted. All that is required to do this is the Allen Wrench or Hex Key that came with the treadmill; this was used for and during the original assembly.

First, unplug the treadmill from the wall.

To move the walking belt from side to side you will need to find the Idler Roller Adjustment Bolts, or Idler Roller Screws.

Identifying which direction the belt has shifted is key. If you insert the Hex Key as shown in the diagram making the adjustments from here will be very easy.

Any adjustments that are going to be made will and should be done on the LEFT side of the treadmill (as shown in the diagram). At this point turn the top of the Hex Key the direction you would like the belt to move. In other words clockwise to move the belt to the right, and counterclockwise to move the belt to the left. To make sure that we don’t over correct and move the belt too far the other way, only make 1/2 of a turn at a time.

Plug the power cord back in and start the treadmill, let it run at a low speed for a few minutes. You should now see the walking belt start to move away from where it may have been touching.

If the belt is not centered at this time, repeat the process until the walking belt is centered properly.