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Speed Calibration

Please note that these instructions don’t apply to all models of treadmills. Many recent models, including all models with touchscreen consoles, do not have the capability for the user to calibrate the speed.

Speed calibration is a process that is used to correct imbalances in the machine’s operating speed.

Please note that this procedure involves pushing the machine to its maximum speed very quickly. Do NOT stand on the treadmill while performing this procedure.

First, you need to enter calibration mode on the console. To do this, press and hold the STOP and SPEED INCREASE buttons (this will be either an up arrow or a + (plus) symbol). While holding these buttons, insert the safety key onto the console. This will cause the machine to go into calibration mode. After this has occurred, you may let go of the buttons and the safety key.

Next, press the stop button once. This will enter advance the screen to the next feature of calibration mode. As said previously, do not stand on the treadmill while performing this procedure. Press and hold the speed increase button. Watch the console. You will see a number on the display that will increase as you hold the speed increase button. Continue to hold the speed increase button until the number changes to “85.” This will take the treadmill to its maximum speed, which will also be displayed on the console. Please note that the example below only demonstrates the console displaying “85”, not the treadmill’s operating speed. Speed Calibration Window

The treadmill’s speed should reach within either 0.2 mph below the machine’s maximum speed or 0.2 mph above the maximum speed. This is considered normal fluctuation for a treadmill’s operating speed. For example, if a treadmill’s maximum operating speed is 10 mph, the speed displayed should be between 9.8-10.2 mph. If the console shows the speed as being above or below this range, a further adjustment will need to be made to the treadmill’s controller board.

Remove the safety key from the console and unplug the power cord. Remove the motor hood. Exact instructions can be found in the owner’s manual for your machine.

To adjust the maximum speed of the treadmill, you will be adjusting a component called the maximum speed potentiometer with a small, Philips head screwdriver. This component is located on the controller and often looks like a small, orange screw. Please refer to the diagram below. Please note that your motor controller may appear different than the controller shown below.

If the speed displayed on the console during calibration was less than 0.2 mph below the maximum speed, turn the potentiometer on the controller slightly (about 1/16 of a full turn) clockwise. If the speed displayed was more than 0.2 mph above the maximum speed, turn the potentiometer slightly (about 1/16 of a full turn) counterclockwise.

After the necessary adjustment has been made, plug the treadmill back in and repeat the steps to enter calibration mode and make the treadmill go to its maximum speed. Make adjustments as needed.