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What is iFit®?

iFit® is a fitness platform that connects you and your NordicTrack machine to online, interactive training tools that track your fitness, plan your workouts and adapt to your progress. With iFit®, you're also part of a supportive community that helps you accomplish all your fitness goals.

How does it work?

Access your iFit® account from your exercise equipment, computer, tablet or smart phone to review your stats, plan workouts and share your success. Your profile information is stored securely in the iFit® cloud and is available anytime, anywhere.

Create A workout with

Google Maps

Draw a route, anywhere in the world, and get a Google Street View of your workout. Your NordicTrack® machine automatically adjusts incline, decline and resistance to simulate the terrain of your route. Or, choose from hundreds of pre-programmed iFit® maps, from marathons to famous landmarks, and find your perfect workout.

Lose Weight with

Jillian Michaels

Let America's Toughest Trainer coach you every step of the way through each workout in the comfort of your own home. Choose from progressive eight week programs designed to kick start your weight loss, power walk your way to serious calorie burn, get fit and firm, or improve performance to get in the best shape of your life. Jillian delivers the motivation, advice and tough love you need to reach your weight loss goals.

Take your workout to

The next level

Video Workouts

View scenery from around the world with stunning HD video workouts. Select a video workout and push start - your NordicTrack® machine does the rest, automatically adjusting the incline/decline or elevation of your machine. Explore new destinations, change your terrain, maintain motivation and find inspiration in new workout routes while targeting time, distance and calorie burn goals.

Expanding workout Library

The iFit® library features a vast amount of map and HD workouts to keep you moving. The advanced workout of the day will take your workout to a new level. And, new workouts are added every other week, so you always have fresh options that take you where you want to go.


Don't limit yourself to your personal record. Challenge others in the iFit® community for motivation, persistence and a new personal record. Sign up for a new challenge each week. Real-time updates show your current standing, the leader's pace and the average pace for the course. Winners are posted online at the end of the race.


Feel like you don't have time to workout? iFit® workouts can be adjusted to fit your schedule, as well as keep you motivated and on track. Whether you want to walk, run or fide, iFit® delivers the motivation, variety and support you need. Set a goal for your fitness and get customized training specific to your goal delivered to your NordicTrack® machine every day.


Get better results by tracking calories, weight and time. Log in to your iFit® profile, and your NordicTrack® machine automatically uploads all your workout information Advanced tracking even lets you track detailed data including heart rate and elevation. Set a goal, easily track your data and see your accomplishments.

Mobile Apps

Download iFit® mobile apps and take your workout outside. Accurate GPS tracking will continue to record your distance, even when the signal is lost. App also tracks miles and route. After finishing a workout, you can save that exact route to your machine and replicate the same terrain indoors while viewing the Google Street View. Got an iPad®? Get a street view of your Google™ Map route with the iFit® iPad® app.

Explore iFit®

Two Options



NordicTrack® treadmills, incline trainers, ellipticals and bikes have iFit® technology built into the console. A wireless home network is required to connect to your iFit® profile. iFit® Enabled equipment also requires an iFit® membership, which is sold separately.



NordicTrack® treadmills, incline trainers, ellipticals and bikes require and iFit® Wi-Fi module, which is sold separately. Customers receive a one-year iFit® membership FREE with the purchase of an iFit® Module. A wireless home network is required to connect to your iFit® profile.